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Tutoring options for Elementary School 1st – 6th grade

Celebrating 20+ Years at UCSB!

ARAC Class of 2019-2020

Associated Students Community Affairs Office and local school districts work together to implement UCSB’s response to the national America Reads America Counts challenge. America Reads America Counts (AR/AC) is funded through Federal Work Study and trains UCSB students to be tutors in elementary schools. Each tutor is expected to encourage students in the subject areas of Reading and Mathematics, and support children in their school development. Tutors work directly with kindergarten through sixth grade students to improve their reading and math proficiency skills. Tutors perform one-on-one work with individual students, group work, or class activities. In 2019-20, AR/AC provided services in classrooms and after school programs at Isla Vista Elementary, El Camino Elementary, and Adelante Charter School. Spring 2020 was ARAC’s first attempt at virtual tutoring in Partnership with the Isla Vista Youth Projects (IVYP). Virtual Programming will continue through the 2020-21 academic year!

ARAC Class of 2018 – 19

America Reads America Counts operates out of
Associated Students Community Affairs Board office at UCSB.

University Center 2523

*This website describes services and can only verify employment for tutors working through the Associated Students ARAC program at UCSB